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(no subject) [Nov. 27th, 2006|06:30 pm]

Recent drunkening. My god - Rae, if you're reading this, I love you.
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China (Doll) [Oct. 17th, 2006|04:47 am]

China (Doll), originally uploaded by jimmyatari.

Otherwise known as Mark, for those in the know. I've known China since competing in Cube Nighclub's Drag Idol Contest four months ago, and since then she's been nothing but surprising. Since then I've found that she's honest, deep, non-judgemental, has beautiful smiling eyes and a compassionate soul which shines through all the make-up in the world. Much love, China.

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Dinner with Tina Cousins [Oct. 17th, 2006|04:46 am]

Dinner with Tina Cousins, originally uploaded by jimmyatari.

Tina Cousins live in performance at Cube Nightclub, July '06.

There was a really huge crowd that night. And everyone there witnessed Tina Cousins flirt with little ol' me, then lick my face (across my mouth) during her flagship song.

Everyone was gushing that she essentially tongue-kissed me on stage. My then fiancee and I went backstage to meet her and she was obviously trashed. She had a Paris Hilton bung-eye, on both sides!

Tina told me that she loved me most out of all the audience members. I told everyone she felt psychically-compelled to lick my face because I kept whispering "co-caaaaaiine" under my breath.

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I ♥ Geeks, I Love Booze [Oct. 17th, 2006|04:45 am]

I ♥ Geeks, I Love Booze, originally uploaded by jimmyatari.

Katie and I, late on New Year's Eve. Well, not really late ... about midnight or so. But it felt sooo late because we were exceptionally tanked on Mr. Smirnoff's sickly sweet poison-love we know as vodka. If the camera weren't facing the ground you would've been able to see the magnificent Sydney cityscape on NYE but oh well, I think the view is just fine in this photo, except maybe the weird mullet-headband flashback-to-the-eighties timewarp thing going on. The glowsticks are there because they were just sitting there and it was New Year's Eve.

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Arachnid-Boy [Oct. 17th, 2006|04:44 am]

Arachnid-Boy, originally uploaded by jimmyatari.

Katie and I were going for a night out at Toast, this indie/alternative nightclub that hardcore / stoned / terminally-emo / drug dealer people go to. I decided I wanted to be ironic, so Katie and I took inspiration from America's Next top Model and made myself up to look like a "beautiful, fierce alien ... blowin' down buldings with fierce looks and killer style".

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Sunday 8am [Oct. 17th, 2006|04:43 am]

Sunday 8am, originally uploaded by jimmyatari.

After a huge trashy bender of booze and debauchery. The ball of my lip piercing came out in some sexy guy's mouth, and it looks like my lips were really bruised (probably because of both the piercing and the dirty blonde from Germany attached to it that night). Rest in peace, lip ring, you'll be kinda/sorta missed.

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Flickr [Oct. 17th, 2006|04:26 am]
This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.
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studies show that ice is cold [Feb. 23rd, 2006|11:46 am]
[mood |lickety]
[groove |Annie - Heartbeat]

Well well, it's been a while, hasn't it? Shit, where to start. I guess I'll just do this quick'n'fast.

* Spent the next few weeks in Sydney. Four letters: S L U T. Eight guys in two weeks. Yes, disgusting, I know - you don't have to tell me. Since then I've deduced that I picked up so often to make me feel wanted again after breaking up with "newboyfriend" (who I will now dub as "exboyfriend"). But that's a long and involved story - and I know you all love stories! - but this one is better left unsaid :)

* Best friend in the entire world let rip that she likes me more than "just a friend". But that's another epic story.

* Went out on Oxford again and bumped into cutelebabneseguy. Danced, drank. Somehow met a group of funky people, one was Chris - cute blond twinky youngster, and another was Carla - funky red-head who looks like Lindsay lohan but less anorexic. Carla says that she's just finished Year 12, and is going to study at my uni. Awesome, we vow to catch up and go out for a ragers when she gets settled in (we're meeting up tonight for drinks and dancing! yay excitement!). British backpacker chicks gave us free tickets to new club on Oxford called Havana, so entire group goes. The club was alright, but the conversation was better. Had a really good time chatting with Chris, judging people's choice in footwear. So drunk I get all touchy, but then I check myself and think better of it. Want to kiss him real bad (receive text from Chris later that day saying he wanted to do the same). Damn! Was a very funktastic last night out in Sydney.

* Next day, get my lip pierced on a whim. Immediately regret it. Bottom lip swells into a grapefruit. Now, a few weeks later, it looks hot - I just need to get it downsized so that it hugs my lip a bit better, then it'll be uber-hot.

* Went back home to the country and stayed there for a few weeks. Whilst traveling home via bus, receive message from my mother saying "I HAVE MET SOMEONE. HIS NAME IS "oldguy" AND I THINK HE MIGHT BE THE ONE. YOU'LL MEET HIM WHEN YOU GET HOME". My mother doesn't know how to use lower case on her phone. Plus, HOW FUCKING RUDE of her to let me know an hour before I arrive! I don't want to meet her new beau, especially after a freakin' seven hour voyage, even if he is the nicest geriatric in the world. So I arrive home at 11:15 at night to be greeted with that. Good times. I'm civil, but disinterested.

* Night out in the country (which is essentially just going to the pub in the most dressed-down clothes that i have, but I still get called a goth for wearing a black shirt from Dangerfield). Have a surprising conversation with chicks who used to be snobby and elite in high-school, which is surprising but good. But I still think nothing of them. Later in the night, am verbally assaulted with "POOFTER" by a group of wanksters. Give them the bird and a nonchalant "SUCK IT", then hope to God they're not following me. I love country towns.

* The night before I leave, mother and "oldguy" save a dog from being put down. I don't know the story, but it was facing certain doom. Her name is Honey, she's a Pomeranian (you know, like Paris Hilton's toy-dog thing, but cuter). My mother mentions Paris Hilton (since when does she know about tramp socialites?), and I say "Yes, this breed of dog is so in right now," and it is the gayest sounding thing I have ever said in my entire life. But the dog really is cute.

* Back to Canberra. Job training for the University Library. People I work with are awesome. Best job ever - we just end up playing Charades for half the shift. But most of them are really quite dull, so sadly, I'm the raging life of the party at work. I think they're coming out of their shells though, which is good.

* Go out alone while staying in a hostel in Canberra City. Am having amazing time dancing with a debauched pack of girls, when i get a playful kick in the bum. "Exboyfriend". I'm like "HEEEY! How are you going? It's been a while,", and he's all like "HEEY! Are you here by yourself..?", and I'm like "Yeah I am but I've met these lickity-chicks!" I can see on his face that he's thinking of things to say to make me hang out with him, but I've already traipsed back to the circle of chicks.

On my way to the bar/toilet/dancefloor, he keeps playfully (?) brushing me and getting my attention. I wait a few seconds, see that he has nothing to say, then wave, grin, and continue traipsing.

* Moved back into the University Halls of Residence about a week ago. Is mega-cool, becuase last year a friend (let's call her KT) applied for her to move onto my floor, and now she's here! Which is awesome. I was worried she'd be all up in my space, but that hasn't been the case so far.

* Went out to Cube (the gay club) and run into KT and friend of KT. Awesomest night, general debauchery and such. I'm dancing on the stage by myself, pulling out all the hot-moves with a big friendly smile, and just looking like "fun" personified. See "exboyfriend". He winks at me, and I wink back - just to be friendly and show that there are no hard feelings. "Exboyfriend" tries desperately to join a group of guys on the dancefloor. It doesn't work. "Exboyfriend" ends up following me around the club all night.

I don't notice that he is, but KT & friend are getting pissed off that he keeps appearing everywhere, trying to hug me from behind, dancing closer and closer to us etc. KT is especially pissed-off - one night "exboyfriend" remorselessly called her fat and unattractive, and tried to convince her that I was "HIS" now, and that she should back off. Me, KT and friend are sitting outside, chillaxing, when "exboyfriend" comes along and stands at the edge of our circle.

Ex: [to KT in a really familiar tone] Hey! How are you!
KT: Good thanks [pensive grin].
["Exboyfriend" exits stage right]

Everytime he does this, we're civil and friendly, but we don't give him any opportunities to sidle us. For me, it's not a facade of friendliness - I actually want to be friends with him, just not boyfriends - and I feel a bit guilty, because I still have a soft spot for him, but the spot's not big enough to put up with the hurt and crap again. As for KT, she can't let go of the fact that he cheated on me, tried to put a wedge between me and her and fuck-up our friendship, was using me because "having me" would make other guy's way jealous, and just his constant manipulation and pathological lieing. I can see why she won't let go.

Anyways, the night moves on with more dancing and drinking. We get soooo slaughtered. KT almost gets removed by security for being REALLY REALLY trashed and is threatened with a one-month ban from the club. We find this uber-hilarious. Literally "go-outside-and-roll-on-the-grass" hilarious. The next morning KT vows never to drink again. That night we get drunk and go to Cube.
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menthol breath [Jan. 7th, 2006|05:13 pm]
[groove |Le Tigre - Nanny Nanny Boo Boo (Junior Senior Remix)]

Housekeeping! To sum up the last update:

* Familiar guy from Canberra walks out of the Midnight Shift and does the popular thing to do - asks me if I'm alright and if I took GHB. "NO, I did not take GHB!"

Recognise familiar guy as guy who lives in the same block as the "new boyfriend", and remember that "new boyfriend" told me this guy forced himself onto him one time. Chat to familiarguy while cutelebaneseguy starts to get jealous. Discover that "newboyfriend" forced himself onto familiarguy. Trust familiarguy more than I trust "newboyfriend" (he hadn't exactly given me much confidence in him, but that's another epicly boring story).

* Give attention to cutelebaneseguy again. Chattin' away, still rather bleary-eyed. Hours of conversation pass. He asks if he can kiss me. I say "Why not?", and we kiss. He is a good kisser. A little stubble-ey, but good.

* Notice I'm wearing a ring. Ask cutelebanese guy if he knows anything about it. He tells me it was his engagement ring. "Holy shit," I respond. Discover that he came out as a gay guy to his family when he met his future bride. I'm like "huh?", then "Ohhh." Arranged marriage. How sucky.

Bashfully insist on giving the ring back to him. He says no, I can keep it, because I was one of the only people to have the patience to talk with him when all the other guys wanted to grope him. He takes the ring from my hand, gently opens my hand, and slides the ring onto my middle finger. It's too big. He tries again on my index finger. Too big. He tries it on my thumb. That'll do.

* He walks me back to my friend's place in Paddington, we exchange saliva and phone numbers. He tastes like menthol cigarettes. I wave him off as he walks down the street. What a really great guy.
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beery nothings [Jan. 5th, 2006|06:56 pm]
[groove |Imogen Heap - Breathe (Cholera Mix)]

I haven't been here in a longtastic time, but hey, that's what you get when you don't have an internet connection.

Happy New Year!

What's been happening, huh? Well, there have been heaps of ridiculously entertaining things that have happened recently, but I'm not going to detail all of them. Let's just go over what's happened in the last few days.

Firstly, I broke up with the "new boyfriend". Tough but nessesary. He was manipulative, and being the naive boy who believes in romanticism with all his heart and soul, I was fooled. But anyways, it's over. Funnily enough, Kelly Clarkson's album Breakaway gave me some good snappy lines and a good "since U been gone" break up vibe. Kickin' down chairs and taking names.

... whatever that means.

Secondly, was New Years Eve. Was drinking with people, watched the fireworks in Sydney Harbour, yadda yadda. Then, in a royaly drunken state, decided to go out on Oxford Street, the "gay street" of Sydney. Tried a few bars before deciding that I liked the music and atmosphere at the Midnight Shift.

Was dancing and was almost eaten up by lots of guys, yee-haw. Got a Smirnoff Black, but the bartender gave me two for the price of one accidentally. Was flirting with some really hot alterna-guy, then was coaxed into conversation with some sweet Lebanese dude. Was happy chatting away when his voice started to get echo-ey, and the colours of the walls started to bleed into each other. "This is totally NOT a good feeling," I thought. Well, duh.

Excused myself from cute Lebanese guy, then headed to the bathroom. Entered a cubicle, sat on a toilet then blacked out.

From what little I remember, I was woken by paramedics. I seem to remember quite a lot of people gathered around the cubicle, peering in inquisitively. Poor people. They go to the toilet for a piss and are confronted by a drugged-up boy with medics doing up his pants.

What. The. Fuck. I'm sure patrons did not know how to react.

They were calling me James (they must have got my name from my wallet), and telling me to do up my pants. Next thing I remember is sitting outside the club in the glaring sun, once again chatting to Lebanese guy. Meanwhile, the New Years crowd were scraping themselves off the sidewalk to go home. I listened wearily as he told me he got worried when I didn't come back from the bathroom and had sent his female friend to go check on me. I grateful, but I so did not care at this point. I just wanted to throw up.

People coming out of the Midnight Shift that I've never seen before in my life, sympathetically asked "Are you alright dude?", and the Lebanese guy would reply for me, "Yeah, he's fine now." So many people asked if I took GHB, which I know to be a really fucking deadly party drug, but I was too fucked to respond.

OOps, running low on internet cafe credit, so I'll continue this laters.
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